About Brestolon

Brestolon is a research network collaboration between members of the Media and Communications Departments of Södertörn University (Stockholm, Sweden); Bremen University (Bremen, Germany); London School of Economics (London, UK), and Goldsmiths, University of London (London, UK). Members of the Catholic University of Portugal (Lisbon, Portugal) joined the network in 2017.

The network was launched in 2013 with a grant by the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Reserach and Education (STINT). Since then, it has gathered annually at the member universities in Stockholm (twice) and once in London, Bremen, and Lisbon.

Brestolon was set up to provide a regular meeting-point for younger and established scholars committed to using theoretical work as a tool to engage more critically with a fast-changing, uncertain and in many respect disturbing world. Brestolon’s meetings are open, non-hierarchical, and intended to operate outside any formal curriculum or monitoring structure. The newly commissioned series of short blogs by participants is a place where scholars can share their visions for the future of the field.


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